PERRON RIGOT waxes are used, together with luxurious pre-wax oils and cooling lotions, to give superior results. The hypo-allergenic, fragrance free wax is ideal for all clients, even with the most sensitive of skins. Recommended every 4-6 weeks. A range of pre- and post-waxing products are also available from the PRODUCTS PAGE

Half Leg






BIKINI - g string




Lip - Wax/Thread


Chin - Wax/Thread


Lip & Chin - Wax/Thread


Face - Wax/Thread












All intimate waxing is carried out using Perron Rigot's new generation ‘non-strip’ hot wax, specially designed for sensitive areas. The application of pre-wax oils ensures the wax sticks to the hair, not the skin. As the wax sets, it shrinks to grip the hair, giving superior results when removed. The combination of "non strip" hot wax, pre-wax oils and specialist techniques, actually makes the treatment virtually pain free, with little discomfort afterwards.   All requirements are thoroughly discussed before treatment. Feminine freshness wipes are available for use before treatment.  Recommended every 3-5 weeks.



Removal of pubic hair to leave a strip at the front.



Removal of all pubic hair.






Exfoliate and moisturise a few days before waxing to remove dead skin cell and bring any ingrowing hairs to the surface. Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks hair growth (4 – 6 weeks if possible) prior to your appointment for best results. If hair is longer than 2cm approximately, its advisable for you to carefully trim it down for your comfort during the wax. In the event of insufficient regrowth, we will carry out the treatment to the best of our abilities. This will mean that any hair that is too short to be waxed will not be removed on this occasion.

Waxing is not available if you have used Roaccutane or Accutane within the last 6 months.


Perron Rigot waxes are used, together with luxurious pre-wax oils and cooling lotions, to give superior results. The hypo-allergenic, fragrance free wax is ideal for all clients, even with the most sensitive of skins.

The type of wax used depends on the area being waxed. For larger areas of the body e.g. legs, chest or back, a traditional strip wax is used, applied in the traditional way with a spatula and then quickly removed with paper strips.

For Brazilian, Hollywood, G-string and Basic Bikini treatments, a new "non-strip” hot wax is used, this is perfect for intimate areas. The wax is slightly thicker in consistency and pleasantly warm against your skin, rather than being hot. It is applied with a spatula, the wax sets and is then easily removed without the need for paper strips. We don't "double dip" which means a new spatula is used for each application, to avoid contaminating the wax.

For facial treatments, a soft wax is used which targets finer facial hair. It is applied in the traditional way with a spatula and removed with paper strips.


Having received specialist intimate wax training, both Brazilian and Hollywood wax are carried out as they are meant to be done. This means that pubic hair is removed from the inner and outer labia, perineum and anus, leaving a strip at the front for a Brazilian or taking absolutely everything off for a Hollywood. Of course there can be variations to the treatment, as there may be areas you do not require waxing.  All requirements are fully discussed before the treatment. 

Feminine freshness wipes are available for use before treatment. For standard bikini waxes, there is no need to remove your underwear.

can I be waxed during my period?

It is absolutely fine to have a Bikini, Brazilian or Hollywood wax if you're having your period, just use a tampon.

Can I be waxed if i am pregnant?

All waxing can be carried out during pregnancy.  Bikini, Brazillian or Hollywood waxing is extremely popular with pregnant women for their pre - birth pamper.  The skin may be a little more sensitive but the wax used is ideal. Waxing is carried out up to 37 weeks of pregnancy.


After waxing you may experience a heat reaction and reddening of the skin for a few hours, the skin should return to normal within 24 hours. Applying antiseptic cream to the waxed area for a few days after treatment will sooth and protect the skin. Please contact the salon should you experience any further problems.


Very hot baths or showers, saunas, steam rooms, swimming, fake tan, sunbathing, sun beds, massages or tight clothing for 24-48 hours.

Avoid exercise, vigorous activity or touching the waxed area with unwashed hands for 24-48 hours.

Avoid applying deodorant, body spray, anything perfumed or make-up to the waxed area for 24-48 hours.


Especially for those who are susceptible to ingrowing hairs, an Anti-Ingrowing Hairs Essentials Kit can be purchased from the PRODUCTS PAGE. This contains a Double Scrub, to be used 48 hrs before waxing and once a week between waxes. An Ingrowing Hair Serum, to be applied 48 hrs after hair removal, once or twice a day and a Pre-Cooling gel for those with a low pain threshold .

Alternatively, exfoliate and moisturise the waxed area regularly. An abrasive sponge, mitt or body scrub is perfect for this purpose and can be used in the shower. Remember to keep it clean and dry when not in use. For intimate areas ensure you choose an product suitable for sensitive skin.


An Anti-Regrowth Essentials Kit can be purchased from the PRODUCTS PAGE containing a Hair Minimising Body Lotion, to be applied daily after each waxing treatment and Minimising Body Serum, to be applied 3-4 times a week after each waxing treatment.  This essentials kit also contains a Pre-Cooling Gel for those with a low pain threshold. 




Client Reviews

“Well, my first Brazilian wax at TLC has been done and I’m booked in for another visit already. This is the first intimate wax I have had and can hand on heart say it was fine. Heather kept me talking and her professional approach made it seem easy. Certain pinch points had me gritting my teeth but a paracetamol beforehand def helped. The reviews are spot on, lovely environment as well!
Thank you x” - Brazilian Bikini Wax

“Hi Heather, just to say thank you for my treatment. I was super nervous beforehand but you put me at ease and make it a pleasant experience. I felt comfortable and completely pain free. Would definitely recommended! X” - Hollywood Bikini Wax

“Fantastic service.. I had my waxing done a few weeks ago for the first time in years the hair growth is so much less! I also had my lashes done! defo highly recommend”

“Before I start I would like to say how amazing you were Heather. This was my first bikini wax with you and it was amazing and best of all pain free. I was extremely nervous before but you put me totally at ease, very professional and I felt so comfortable. My cousin recommended you saying how brilliant you were and she was right. I have finally found the perfect person to keep coming back to for all treatments. I would recommend to anyone, you are fantastic!! Thank you very much. I’m so happy with my results.” - Standard Bikini Wax

"I had my first Hollywood wax at TLC and have already booked in for my next treatment!  Heather was a true professional and ensured I was comfortable and relaxed throughout. I have not had intimate waxing done before and was extremely nervous but need not have been, the wax and technique used made the treatment pretty much pain free - and i have a low pain tolerance! All reviews are 100% true. Thank you so much!" - Hollywood Bikini Wax


"I am over the moon to have found TLC Beauty Therapy. I am from NZ and have really sensitive skin. I have had trouble finding the best place to get my Hollywood Bikini Wax here in England. I had been to three different salons and find the treatment at all three places painful and the results left me uncomfortable for at least a couple of days. Heather has been amazing, she made me feel at ease and not only was my treatment PAINLESS but it left me feeling fabulous and refreshed. Thank you so much Heather, see you again soon!" - Hollywood Bikini Wax


"Oh my god Heather. Really miss you this month. You have no competition out there. Had to go somewhere else because you are on holidays but can't wait til you are back. You truly are the best!!!" - Hollywood Bikini Wax


"I found Heather on google after trying several salons for Hollywood waxing. Having been disappointed by previous waxers I can honestly say Heather was amazing. Really friendly, no pain, no skin reaction and she got every hair while making me feel comfortable the whole way through the wax. I've already rebooked for my next one!" - Hollywood Bikini Wax

"So happy with the result! I felt completely comfortable and relaxed, Heather put me totally at ease and getting waxed was nearly pain free! Very efficient and professional, I'll definitely be coming back" - Brazilian Bikini Wax

"I had the Hollywood wax, and I would definitely recommend TLC for this. Heather was extremely professional and maintained the highest level of privacy and dignity throughout the treatment. I think it was the warm wax and pre-wax oil (I'm not 100% sure if it is oil) that kept the pain to a minimum" - Hollywood Wax


"The most pain FREE Hollywood and abdomen wax I have ever had!! I'm 6 months pregnant and was quite nervous about getting it done but Heather knew exactly what she was doing and I was comfortable the whole way through! Thank you so much" Hollywood Bikini Wax

"I came to see Heather for the first time today. It was the most pain free and easiest Brazilian Waxing experience I've ever had!! I couldn't believe it when she said she had finished. Lovely lady, lovely environment - excellent end results. I will be back for sure. Many thanks :-)" - Brazilian Bikini Wax

"Just brilliant. Everything I read on your reviews is true. I will be back. Thank you x" - Hollywood Bikini Wax

"This lady is amazing. I have to say that I am so fussy about any treatments I have, I tried Heather out after seeing excellent feedback on a google thread. She lived up to and surpassed the expectations I had. I was extremely nervous before but she put me totally at ease, very professional and I felt so comfortable. Everyone had told me how much a Brazilian bikini wax would hurt, I can honestly say Heather didn't hurt at all, virtually pain free. I would recommend to anyone, she is fantastic!!" - Brazilian Bikini Wax

"I was nervous to try the Hollywood Bikini wax, but Heather made me feel at ease and the results were amazing! Would definitely recommend this treatment and looking forward to having it done again, thank you" - Hollywood Bikini Wax

"Thank you for your excellent service, can't recommend you enough. Highly professional, pain free waxing with excellent results. Thank you so much x" - Hollywood Bikini Wax

"Thank you for a great treatment last night. Still can't believe that your new wax and technique was virtually pain free! x" - Hollywood Bikini Wax

"I never thought I would experience pain free intimate waxing. Heather puts you at ease and offers a relaxing, comfortable environment. Highly recommended" - Hollywood Bikini Wax

"Having had multiple waxing experiences over the years, I can categorically say Heather's fantastic. She's professional, friendly, puts you at ease and the waxing experience is practically pain free. Thank you - I intend to remain a client for a long time!" - Hollywood Bikini Wax

"Fabulous, very little pain, no soreness afterwards. A big difference from regular waxing. Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of having a Brazilian or Hollywood" – Hollywood Bikini Wax

"I booked with Heather for 3 treatments; Pedi, Mani and Brazilian Wax. My daughter had highly recommended her after having her eyebrows done. If any lady is nervous or shy about intimate waxing then this is the lady. Heather puts you at ease in a beautiful room and is professional and friendly all in one. Plus virtually painless! Will definitely be back soon. Thank you" - Brazilian Bikini Wax

"Really pleased with the new wax. No pain, no redness or that plucked chicken effect afterwards!! Best ever, thanks" – Brazilian Bikini Wax

"I've had a hollywood wax at TLC with Heather and she is amazing! She is so professional, friendly and really puts you at ease during the wax. Her salon also has a lovely, relaxed, quiet feel to it making the experience even better! I always leave TLC feeling beautiful :) Thanks Heather! X" - Hollywood Bikini Wax

"Thank you so much for offering your service and your gentle touch whilst waxing Josephs legs. He never felt a thing! Thank you. X" – Jo (Charity Wax!!)

"I had the Hollywood wax, and I would definitely recommend TLC for this. Heather was extremely professional and maintained the highest level of privacy and dignity throughout the treatment. I think it was the warm wax and pre wax oil (I'm not 100% sure if it is oil) that kept the pain to a minimum." - Hollywood Bikini Wax

"Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. I never thought in a million years that I would ever have another bikini wax after such a terrible experience/extreme pain in the 80's. Thanks for a very professional, painfree experience. Never thought it would happen, now feeling super confident for my weekend away. Thanks again, recommend this to everyone!!!!! X" - High Leg Bikini Wax

"This was my first ever intimate wax, I usually shave purely out of convenience. I had one bad bikini wax experience about 4 years ago which completely put me off. Now I have discovered Heather, she put me at ease, made me feel comfortable and I couldn't believe how virtually pain free it was. Can safely say best waxing experience I have ever had. Thank you so much xx" - Hollywood Bikini Wax

"Great! After looking for a while for a good Brazilian Wax I am more than happy with the result. A really smooth finish with no stick wax residue. Highly recommended. Fantastic attention to detail. Many thanks Heather" - Brazilian Bikini Wax

"Hi Heather, just to let you know I was so nervous about having a Brazilian bikini wax for the first time,I really needn't have been. You made me feel so at ease :-) and I didn't even look like a plucked chicken afterwards even though I have sensitive skin. So THANK YOU" - Brazilian Bikini Wax

"I had LVL and a bikini wax. Heather was brilliant and put my mind at ease for both. My eyelashes look absolutely amazing, I'm really happy with the results. I'll be returning as a regular, highly recommended." - Brazillian Bikini Wax and LVL Lashes