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TLC Beauty Therapy is proud to be the UK Brand Ambassador and authorised in store and online stockist of LiLash Eyelash Growth Serum and LiBrow Eyebrow Growth Serum. NEXT DAY DELIVERY available. We also ship worldwide including to the USA and Australia.



  • Greater length and curl within weeks

  • Use less mascara with greater volume, length, and separation

  • Extension wearers experience less natural lash breakage

  • Physician formulated, ophthalmologist tested

  • Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

  • Paraben free

  • Never tested on animals

  • Vegan friendly


Achieve the look you’ve always wanted by transforming your eyes with the iconic eyelash serum that helped start the long lash revolution within the cosmetic industry.

LiLash® conditions and fortifies lash follicles for greater length and curl within weeks. The results are mesmerizing and women are celebrating their eyelashes all over the globe.

Begin to appreciate how building your look around your best and most stunning eyelashes will reinvent how the world sees you and how you see the world.

Used daily, results can be seen in as little as 4-6 weeks. Patience is the key, get into a daily routine, stick with it - you will be amazed!!

Don’t just take our word for it, watch to the review by Pixiwoo, YouTube sensation makeup vloggers, read the client reviews below or see client before and after pictures on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.

Try LiLash for yourself, it will make you—and your eyelashes—happy. 

£69 (2ml) 3 Months Supply


  • Conditions and fortifies hair follicles

  • Brows look thicker and youthful

  • Botanical tinting agent gently darkens brow hair as it grows in

  • Physician formulated, ophthalmologist tested

  • Safe for sensitive eyes and skin

  • Paraben free

  • Never tested on animals

  • Vegan friendly


Designed to enhance the fullness of your eyebrows, LiBrow helps you achieve the gorgeous bold brow definition you are looking for.

LiBrow safely fortifies and conditions your brow follicles while gently darkening brow hair with a unique botanical tinting agent.

Used daily, results can be seen in as little as 4-6 weeks. Patience is the key, get into a daily routine, stick with it - you will be amazed!!

Don’t just take our word for it, read the INSTAGRAM post by the founder of HD Brows, Nilam Holmes and other client reviews below.

Try LiBrow for yourself, it will make you—and your eyebrows—happy.


£69 (3ml) 3 Months Supply


How can i tell that the product is authentic?

LiLash take pride in the quality physician-formulated formula. To ensure that you are getting the results you expect from LiLash, they've developed a solution to ensure you are receiving an authentic product. While every box of LiLash and LiBrow currently sports the counterfeit fighting LiLash Holofoil we have gone ahead and added a second safety measure. Now every LiLash and LiBrow comes with a QR code that possesses a serial number unique to that box to protect the brand from dangerous counterfeiters. All LiLash and LiBrow Serums supplied by TLC Beauty Therapy have a hologram of the LiLash logo and QR code on the box, and are supported by the LiLash 90-day money back guarantee.

The following websites sell fake LiLash and LiBrow as there are No authorised sellers allowed on these sites. and and,,, - We have NO authorised Resellers on these sites, nor would we liquidate product through these channels. or in any Walmart stores – We have no authorised distribution into US Walmart Stores and have confirmed product sold on as counterfeit.

LiLash or LiBrow in black packaging without the hologram and QR code, is assumed counterfeit. All blue and purple packaging is assumed counterfeit, we have not distributed this product for many years.

when will I start seeing results?

Every customer responds differently, apply LiLash EVERY DAY and results can be seen in as little as 4-6 weeks. For some customers it could take the full 90 day treatment cycle. Patience is the key, get into a daily routine, stick with it - you will be amazed!! Client before and after pictures can seen on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK.

How do I apply?

Lilash - Apply once daily to clean dry skin. Remove applicator from the tube and wipe off excess serum on the inside of the tube. Apply LiLash directly to the upper eyelid skin, along the lash line where you would apply liquid eyeliner. Allow to dry for 2-3 minutes before applying cosmetics.

LiLash is highly concentrated, a single application is all you need for best results. To avoid irritation, do not apply directly to the lower eyelids or directly to the lashes. For sensitive eyes, apply every other day for the first week. 

LiBrow - Apply once daily to clean dry skin. Remove applicator from the tube and wipe off excess serum on the inside of the tube. Apply LiBrow along the brow area skin and sparse areas.  Allow to dry for 2-3 minutes before applying cosmetics.

LiBrow is highly concentrated, a single application stroke is all you need for best results.  Do not apply to eyelids or eyelashes.

How long does a tube last?

The 2ml size tube of Lilash or 3ml Librow will last for 3 months if used daily as recommended. Once opened, the formula will remain active for 9 months.

It is also advisable to have 1-2 weeks break, in-between each 3 month cycle, to allow your hair follicles to rest and re-stagger their growth pattern. 


LiLash is a beauty treatment. Continued use is necessary to maintain results. If discontinued, your eyelashes will gradually return to their normal growth cycle and eventually return to their length before use. 

will i EXPERIENCE sensitivity when applying lilash?

LiLash is manufactured in an FDA certified facility using only the highest quality ingredients, making it the only non-irritating lash conditioner on the market and safe for even the most sensitive eyes.  However, because the skin around the eyes is highly sensitive, some users may experience mild irritation. If mild or moderate irritation or redness occur, apply every other day until symptoms resolve. Mild irritation can also occur with incorrect application of LiLash. If you have any known allergies, it is advisable to test the product before use.

Can lilash be combined with other lash treatments?

Absolutely, Lilash is the perfect companion to LVL lash lifts, tints and eyelash extensions. LiLash fortifies and strengthens lashes at the hair follicle, promoting healthier lash growth and less natural breakage. This magnifies the effect of the lash lift and tint treatments. It also allows you to enjoy your extensions for longer. If desired, eyelash extension wearers can also transition to using LiLash alone.

can librow be combined with other brow treatments?

Absolutely, LiBrow restores and re-grows eyebrow hairs to give fuller brows, which works perfectly with the HD Brows treatment.


LiLash or LiBrow will not affect eyeliner or eyebrow colour used in semi-permanent makeup (Please make sure the skin has healed completely from the tattooing, prior to use)


It would be easier to have one product however, the hair follicles on our skin and on our eyelids are very different. To ensure that you have the BEST experience, we suggest you use the correct formulation for the area you are treating. LiLash is specifically formulated for the sensitive skin on your eyelids near eyelashes. LiBrow, our complimentary serum, works best to enhance your brows and is specifically formulated to thicken and tint to create defined, bold eyebrows. 


LiBrow was specifically created to enhance brow hairs. The potent formula works with the skin and hair in the eyebrow area and would be too intense for the delicate and extremely sensitive tissue on the eyelid.


LiBrow’s patented brow tint contains natural botanicals that gently darken your brows by enhancing the pigment of your natural hair colour. Expect your brows to be tinted 1 to 2 shades darker for beautifully enhanced definition.

Is LiLash safe during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding?

LiLash has not been tested in all situations; therefore we do not recommend using LiLash during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


Unfortunately not whilst you're actually undergoing treatment. Many people turn to LiLash and LiBrow to help restore their lashes and brows after their treatment is finished. We recommend using LiLash after the completion of all chemotherapy.


Lilash has been in business since 2007.  In that time a change to the iris colour has never been reported.


Some customers may experience a slight darkening on the upper lid with regular application. However, it is important to know that this is not harmful, or permanent.


The ingredients in LiLash are as follows: Water/Agua/Eau, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Prunus Amygdalus (Sweet Almond) Extract, Hydrolyzed Lupine Protein, Panthenol, Isopropanol Phenylhydroxypentene Dihydroxycyclopentylheptenate, Silica, Chlorphenesin, Caprylyl Glycol.


We NEVER test on animals.


No. LiLash is formulated to be paraben free.


Yes.  The ingredients of LiLash are not animal products or derivative of animal products.


The preferred courier is Royal Mail. A certificate of posting is always obtained.

2nd class, allow 3-5 days.

1st Class, allow 1-2 days.

Next Day delivery, the next working day.

Worldwide International Tracked & Signed, allow 5-7 days.

Royal Mail do not guarantee timescales nor do they consider an item to be lost in the post until 15 working days from the date of posting has passed.

We strongly recommend you choose the delivery option offering the correct level of compensation, should your item become lost or damaged in the post. 

Standard delivery, a maximum £20 compensation. 

Signed For delivery, a maximum of £50 compensation.

Next Day delivery, a maximum of £500 compensation.

We are not liable for items lost or damaged in the post but will complete a Royal Mail Claim form on your behalf. The compensation received from Royal mail will be refunded to you through the original payment method.

client Reviews

“Thanks Heather. I really love how you correspond so quickly to my emails. You are an asset to this company that’s for sure” - Peggy

“Absolutely love my lashes!! 💖 I hadn’t seen my before picture till today and I can’t believe the difference! Im stunned! I would highly recommend lilash eyelash growth serum! Now one of my beauty essentials! 🙌 thank-you @tlc_beautytherapy Xx” - Ellie

“I've been using Lilash since mid July and the results have been astounding, I have the longest, curliest lashes ever - results I didn't think were possible! I had used another lash enhancer for years but it didn't do much at all, Lilash is a game changer. The friendly and reliable service from TLC Beauty Therapy has also been superb, I couldn't be happier with the product and my fantastic lashes or the company, just perfect! “ - Gail

“Just a quick note to say I received my LiLash yesterday!  Thank you so much for sorting it all out - fab customer service! Best wishes Kate”

“I’ve been using lilash for a couple of years and nearly every day people comment on my eyelashes! I literally couldn’t be without it now!!! It makes such a huge difference, I don’t need to wear false lashes anymore!!!  - Michelle

“I always buy my Lilash from here - after being sold fakes of this product before, TLC is the only place I trust to buy it from. Heather is also really helpful at answering any questions, and very quick at responding to any queries I have about my purchases x “ - Alice Perrin - Tattoo Fixers

“This is the best eyelash serum by a mile. I first came across it a couple of years ago. Expensive yes, but not as expensive as spending mega pounds on serums that don't work. Within 4 weeks, my lashes were longer then they've ever been. Last year I had chemo and lost lashes, brows the lot! Another brand was recommended and as it was slightly cheaper I went for it, big mistake, it couldn't compare. So back to lilash and I haven't looked back, everyone comments on my lashes even asking if they're false. Make sure you buy from a reputable dealer, I buy from TLC authorised dealer, cause there are cheap fakes out there and you cannot take risks with your eyesight. At the end of the day you get what you pay for, long luscious lashes”

“I was sceptical when I first tried LiLash, even though it had been recommended by a friend, I was however hopeful! My eyelashes had become shorter and less full as the years had gone by and, what with ever increasing wrinkles and other 'age' disintegration, I was becoming a little despondent, so my hopes soared when I noticed a difference after approximately a week and a half... not enough yet for other people to notice, but as I'm sure you all know, when putting on mascara every day, one gets to know one's eyelashes extremely well! After about 4 weeks, friends began to notice and I found that I didn't 'need' so much eye makeup.  Needless to say, I am absolutely thrilled with LiLash and would recommend it 100%. It is one of my 'must haves'.”

“I purchase 1 of these at least every 6 weeks, I have bought for TLC for a long time now and every time delivery is fast. Lilash itself is INCREDIBLE. I cannot imagine my lashes without it. I get comments everyday asking if my lashes are real! This stuff works!”

“I’ve used LiLash serum for 5 years now, it was recommended by my Dr at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, when I lost a lot of my lashes and within a few weeks they where back long  & lush and my confidence returned. I use it every other day its amazing Id never be without it. TLC Beauty Therapy has great prices and best customer service❤️”

"I have been using the LiLash serum from TLC beauty now for the past 6 months and the results have been more impressive than I ever anticipated! I used to have very sparse and gappy eyelashes, but with this serum my eyelashes have been longer, thicker, stronger and all round healthier with less fallout.. no matter the length of your lashes, you’re guaranteed to see an improved result with LiLash! I have just run out of the 6 month supply so repurchased it again and it arrived in just a few days. The results are truly amazing, seeing really is believing and I’d recommend LiLash and TLC beauty to anyone. Thank you again Heather for the fast shipping, for being so lovely and for my new holy grail product!!x"

"I've been using Lilash, which I purchased from Heather at TLC Beauty, for around 3 months now. My eyelashes are healthy, strong (very minimal eyelash loss when washing/removing makeup), shiny, and longer than they've ever been! TLC Beauty ships to USA amongst other countries, and is the only place where I can order authentic Lilash, as it is no longer sold in the United States. From my personal experience, I received my order in a little less than a week after it was shipped - very fast shipping, faster than I expected! I will continue to order Lilash from TLC Beauty Therapy when I need refills because of not only the fast shipping speed, but also the company's honesty in selling an authentic product - which is hard to find! Thanks Heather!" - Sara

"I've been using LiLash for 12 weeks! Just wow I'm always sceptical about these sorts of products but my god, my lashes are really long and seem to have grown some extras which is fantastic...just received my 2nd tube...amazing product...very pleased with the results :-)" - Lisa

"I’ve been using Lilash for many years now and couldn’t live without it! My lashes are super long and thick. I’m constantly complimented on them and people can’t believe they’re real. It really is a wonder product.
The service Heather provides at TLC is excellent. Very professional and efficient. My Lilash always arrives in super quick time.
Thank you Heather x"

"I am absolutely loving my lilash serum from TLC my eyelashes are ridiculously thick and long now and Heather from TLC Beauty Therapy is so lovely plus delivery is super quick and free!! I can’t recommend it highly enough - I wish she was in London!! Thanks so much!! Xxx" - Siobhan

"I received my serum! Thank you for the amazing service. I'll definitely be using you again 😊" - Amber

"Lilash is all it states, many fakes on the market and TLC products are genuine, it's the only thing that works for my sparse and sometimes missing lashes, (medical condition recommend by eye hospital), without this amazing product I'd have no eyelashes. All the hype is true. I've been using for a few years now and it does what it says pure and simple.Try it you'll be amazed at the results.
TLC Beauty Therapy and the wonderful Heather thank you so much for keeping me looking good. Wonderful customer service couldn't ask for better" - Janice

"I've been using LiLash for twelve months now.
I'm very pleased with the results. My lashes don't come out like they used to, and they look thicker.
When I ring and speak to Heather to re order she is always very helpful.
Thank you for helping me to have better lashes xx"

"I’ve been using Lilash for years and wouldn’t be without it. My lashes are longer, thicker and stronger after using it and I am constantly complimented on the length of my lashes. It really is an amazing product that works"

"I wholeheartedly recommend  Lilash eyelash serum. My lashes have improved in every way. I'm 68 years young and have used mascara since the age of 16.  They have taken a lot over the years so this product is a must have. Susan" 

"Amazing stuff, takes a few weeks to start to really see results but when you do your lashes look amazing - thicker, darker (I have blonde lashes so wasn’t expecting that!) and curlier. They got so long I had to trim them as they kept catching on my glasses! Best lash serum I’ve ever used by miles"

"Thank you so much Heather!  My package with Lilash arrived safe and sound a couple of days ago!"

"Please, PLEASE do not discontinue stocking Lilash. I was so dubious when I first purchased, but I have just ordered my 3rd bottle. This has transformed my very straight, short, thin lashes! They used to come less that half way on the plate of my lash curlers, now, (when I bother, they curl on their own) they come right to the end. LOVE IT! THANK YOU!" - Lyn

"Heather introduced me to Lilash Eyelash Serum and I have to say the results are incredible! I've used this daily as part of my routine and after 4-5 weeks I suddenly noticed a difference! My lashes have always been short and now they're long! So much so, my friends have noticed too and are impressed! Highly recommend, thank you!" - Lizzie

"After using fake lashes and losing most of my natural eyelashes I started to use the LiLash serum. I am thrilled with the difference in 4 weeks, I now not only have full set of lashes but longer lashes than I did before. Can't wait to see the results as I continue to use it, highly recommend if you want longer luscious lashes ❤" - Donna

"Absolutely fantastic, this product really works. I've been using Lilash for 8 weeks and my once short, stubby lashes now look fabulous. Several people have asked if they are real! I don't think I could live without it now" - Louise

"Ordered Wednesday, received Friday, fantastic service. Can't wait to see the results.  Thank you" - Jane

"Really love my lashes. I've been using lilash eyelash serum for 6 weeks and I've never had lashes like it. They're also curling beautifully. Thank you for your recommendation." - Marilyn

"Heathers eyelashes looked longer, I asked how. She said she'd been using Lilash. I thought this can't be real, a product that makes your eyelashes grow! Well I took the challenge, purchased the lash treatment and applied it every day. It actually blooming works!! Join me in taking the challengexx" - Kirsty

"Just wanted to say, I love my "Lilash" serum. My eyelashes are definitely fuller and longer. If I say so myself ... they look fab" - Jo

"I was quite curious to try Librow as my Mum said it wouldn't work! I still put my money and faith in Librow and you haven't let me down. My eyebrows started growing in just a few weeks and have become darker. Thank you xx" - Rachel

"Hi.. I have been using the eyelash serum for a while now..I am lucky enough to have long eyelashes naturally but using the serum just gives them that extra curl and fullness....absolutely love this product xxx" - Janette

"Just wanted to say I am loving Lilash Serum. I've been using it for 3 weeks and my lashes are thicker. It's really easy to use, can't wait to see the further results" - Eva

"This product has worked miracles. I was always conscious that my lashes were non-existent after giving birth, but after I tried LiLash my lashes are looking better than ever" - Sarah

"This exquisite product is a must have for anyone who desires longer, thicker and gorgeous looking lashes. I suffered not one allergic reaction from LiLash, unlike all its competitors. LiLash is as essential to any woman who cares about her appearance as much as her favourite lip shade!" - Kirsten

"LiLash is amazing! I have my teenage eyelashes back. I’m 53 years old and used to have my eyelashes hit my eyebrows but not for the last 15 years or so. Now I do! Time to strut my stuff again!" - Marianna

"I was given some LiLash for a birthday present. I am really pleased with the results and now need some more.  Half my family live in Australia and all the girls are using it. They let me in on their secret! I am so pleased I have found a UK stockist" - Anne

"Really pleased with Librow.  My once sparse looking brows are now looking beautiful.  The HD Brow treatment adds the finishing touch.  Definitely recommend.  Thank you x" - Jane